Event: Selichot Service


Selichot Service
Saturday, September 16, 7:15pm
At UUC, Social Hall
Led by Tammy Lianu accompanied by Miriam Ellen Blau

The Selichot service opens the season, a sweet time to reconnect with yourself and with others. It is a perfect time for old friends and new, so feel free also to invite newcomers to share this taste of Eitz Or.

 Traditionally held at midnight on the Saturday before Rosh Hashanah, the Selichot service is our call to teshuvah (repentance and return).

 The Jewish tradition mirrors nature. Just as the sap of the big leaf maple moves toward its trunk and the tree sheds its withered leaves, we too are invited to begin a process of turning inward, preparing to release all that is no longer needed.

 Join us in community to share the words, poetry and melodies of the High Holy Days, bringing compassionate awareness to the contractions of outdated habits and beliefs, opening to the process of re-alignment with the essence of our highest selves.