Register with e-Scrip

e-Scrip is a variation on the traditional paper scrip that you may have purchased to help your child’s school. With this program, instead of buying scrip, you register at a secure website. Every time you shop at a participating store (Safeway, Whole Foods, Eddie Bauer, Office Max, and others), 3-5% of the funds will come to Eitz Or.

To register go to

1) Have all your credit, ATM, and Safeway* card numbers ready for a totally secure registration.

2) Enter “Congregation Eitz Or” as your charity, or simply enter our registration # which is 500000301

3) Enter your credit, ATM, and Safeway card numbers and that’s it!

4) Safeway is the only participating grocery card in Seattle, but for Friends and Family in other regions, there are other choices, as well.

For those who really want to up their contributions, you can also obtain an e-Scrip VISA card.
2% of all VISA purchases on that card will go to Eitz Or.

If you’d prefer to have someone register for you, please send an e-mail with your name and phone number to, and Eitz Or’s Fund Development chair will call to get your registration information.